WHC – Dow new heights!

A small agreement in the trade war between China and the US and the market is reacting very positively. Together, the punitive tariffs will be lowered at the same time! We saw a new all-time high in the Dow Jones, the key stock index that tracks the 30 largest US companies. Furthermore, US economic data and fundamentals are encouraging, although it is repeatedly pointed out that the upturn is cooling off somewhat. The quarterly figures of the companies are also positive and prove once again that the economy currently has a solid foundation in the USA.

Things are looking very different in Europe, economic experts expect economic growth to slow down next year, and even recession for some EU states. The most famous candidate for this eventual development is Germany. Due to the slump in the car industry, the Germans have already this year and certainly next year to fight. To what extent this prognosis comes true and shows effects on the entire EU, according to which Germany is the economic engine number 1 in Europe, we point the next year.