WHC – Corona and the Election!

The election in the USA is defeated and you could say the right one has won, at least that’s how the stock markets feel and after a long sideways movement, they headed for the summit again.

Of course, what has contributed far more to the new highs since the slump in February is the expected vaccination against the COVID-19 virus. Furthermore, Corona has the world in a stranglehold and with it the economy, thanks to the vaccination that has now been announced, it will be possible to end the pandemic.

For the economy this means to concentrate on business as usual and we are already seeing rising share prices in the ailing sectors such as tourism and airlines. With every further partial success against the pandemic, the economy and stock exchange prices will continue to recover. An unequivocal buy signal for us !!!

Again to my introductory sentence, even if Trump is fighting with his hands and feet against the election defeat, he will have to sleep in bed in Florida again from January and no longer in the White House in the presidential apartment.

WHC – Autumn begins!

After a turbulent year up to now, the fall and the US elections are coming. Not only. that Corona is shaking up the markets, a new president is now being elected.

In August we saw a correction after the sharp rises from late March, which was primarily triggered by technology stocks. But nothing bad without something good, the entry times are now optimal and also the splitting of some stocks, e.g. Apple, are helping to enter the stock market cheaply at the moment.

In the commodity futures segment, too, precious metals, such as crude oil with the historic low of around $ 38, remain interesting.

In summary, it can be said that entering the markets at this point in time could be extremely lucrative.

WHC – Update 12th June

Due to a short-term growing fear in the US of a second corona wave and the ongoing demonstrations against racial discrimination, the markets have given away some of the gains of the past few weeks this week. But this is not a bad sign, on the contrary, for those who have not yet invested, there is a second optimal entry point. For everyone who has not yet got on the train, it is high time to jump up, the seats in the first class are filled but there is still enough space in the second class – the train is gaining momentum and we will soon see new and higher mountains climb. In our opinion, now is the time to act and enter the stock market!

WHC – Analysis!

WHC analysis of the situation

Due to the current COVID19 crisis and the resulting freezing of various economic sectors, the stock market also had to fall. But like after every stock market crash or stock market correction, new buying situations and new profit opportunities arise. As the past shows us, old highs were repeatedly reached and then far exceeded.

For this purpose, we have inserted a graphic that shows the stock market crashes / stock market corrections in the years 2000, 2008 and just now 2020 and their effects.

As can be seen very well from the chart, the old highs were repeatedly reached. It is important to know in the current investment decision that the stock exchange is always a good 6-12 months ahead of the real economy, because investors naturally invest when they speculate on future profits of the stock corporations.

We currently have a special situation, the current crisis was not caused by a financial crisis like 2008 or by the bursting of a bubble like 2000 the .COM bubble or by a bank failure like 1930 which led to an economic crisis, but by a pandemic. That means, however, that orders still exist, that trade relations still exist, that demand is still intact, only that the time has been postponed due to the lock downs, but it can be expected that as soon as normality comes back more and more, the economy will start up again relatively quickly and that’s exactly what we see on the stock exchange. Since March 24th the markets have been rising again and have already made up 10% of the losses, now is the time to invest, now there is a gift of 20% return on the market to pick up, now the clever investor is buying !!!

WHC – Corona?!?

The corona virus has now spread all over the world and while it is already fading in some countries, the worst is yet to come in others.

Of course, the stock exchange reacted to this and suffered severe discounts in March, around 30% was lost, but the market stabilized again in April and we have seen positive signs again since the last week of March.

Right now is the time to enter the market with fresh capital, old highs are being reached again and again, as history shows us, and now returns of 25% and more can be expected in the coming months.

We can only recommend you buy now and we will be happy to assist you with advice and comprehensive risk management

WHC – Christmas!

The year seems to be ending well and even Donald Trump is giving in, and a positive end to the negotiations with China on a trade agreement is within reach. According to the global economy, which is currently declining, an agreement between the two largest economic powers would be a good step for stability on the world markets. Even though some analysts are convinced that we will bottom out in the global economy next year and that it will be up again in 2021, you should not lose sight of the fact that we have seen rising markets since October 2008, a correction would be understandable. Next year there may be many surprises, questionable as to how the economy is developing, a possible trade agreement between China and the United States, Brexit and, last but not least, the election of the President in the United States, we can be curious as to which forecasts prove to be true and which are more likely to be wrong are located.

WHC – Dow new heights!

A small agreement in the trade war between China and the US and the market is reacting very positively. Together, the punitive tariffs will be lowered at the same time! We saw a new all-time high in the Dow Jones, the key stock index that tracks the 30 largest US companies. Furthermore, US economic data and fundamentals are encouraging, although it is repeatedly pointed out that the upturn is cooling off somewhat. The quarterly figures of the companies are also positive and prove once again that the economy currently has a solid foundation in the USA.

Things are looking very different in Europe, economic experts expect economic growth to slow down next year, and even recession for some EU states. The most famous candidate for this eventual development is Germany. Due to the slump in the car industry, the Germans have already this year and certainly next year to fight. To what extent this prognosis comes true and shows effects on the entire EU, according to which Germany is the economic engine number 1 in Europe, we point the next year.

WHC – Turkey and the world

After withdrawing US troops from Syria, Turkish President Erdogan has not waited long to attack Kurds in northern Syria, who were previously US allies and under their protection. But which circles could Erdogan’s ego-trip apparently want to exterminate the Kurds?

Turkey is a NATO country and so here too, Article 5 roughly outlines that if one NATO country is attacked, the other NATO countries must come to the aid. This means that the Syrian army would oppose Turkey in this conflict if the other NATO countries were called upon to support Turkey. Now we are spinning the situation further on the one hand Turkey with Germany, France, England USA, etc., on the other side Syria with Iran and Russia as allies – looks almost like a 3rd World War II scenario.

NATO countries have decided not to provide arms to Turkey, but Erdogan, if necessary, gets them from Russia anyway, how grotesque? In the scenario just outlined Erdogan fights the Syrians with the same weapons but under NATO auspices – with all the love Turkey should decide whether it is a civilized western country and NATO member, or rather stands alone and just like the wind is blowing looking for its alliances.

What does this mean for the markets? The eyes are on many things at the moment, firstly the conflict on the Syrian-Turkish border, secondly Brexit, which perhaps still has a last-minute deal, thirdly, the negotiations on China-US trade relations, which may also end positively until the end of the year, fourth, the further FED decisions, another further interest rate cut seems possible, and fifth, last but not least, the quarterly results of the third quarter. So all in all a heap of fuel for market movement, but just this we want to make money for our customers, only downtime is hated us!